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Be a Part of Our Tests to Find Better Medications

Get medical treatment free of charge when you participate in one of our clinical trials. At Empire Clinical Research, LLC, we are organizing pharmaceutical testing in the Miami Lakes, Florida area, and we are offering excellent care to volunteer participants. These trials are designed to find an experimental medication that may revolutionize the field of medicine and help patients like you.

Our Programs

Help us change the way patients are treated. We are always working on a number of different treatments. Currently, our doctors are looking for patients who suffer from hyperkalemia and diabetic kidney disease, as well as pregnant adolescents who are experiencing a lot of nausea. We are also planning studies to help those with anemia, chronic lower back pain, and those who have had a total knee replacement.

We customize our trials to fit your needs. Some of our trials are as brief as 15 days, and we always schedule appointments according to your availability.

Samples Being Tested

Requirements for Participants

Every year, thousands of people take part in research similar to these trials. We are working to progress the medical industry by creating better pharmaceuticals. To do this, we need volunteers.

Our clinical trials do not cost anything for those who sign up, and insurance is never needed. We take care of all of your related medical expenses, including laboratory testing. We offer compensation and reimbursement for the studies.

Every patient is closely screened. We recommend that you bring a complete medical history when you come to your first appointment.

Independent institutional review boards and ethics committees look after your best interests by protecting your rights and ensuring that you are not exposed to unnecessary risks. Without volunteers like you, our clinical trials would not be possible.